I can’t begin to put into words how good Dr. Raskin has been. I called his office one day after seeing 3 other doctors for a wrist injury I had sustained in a car accident in 2012. A few other offices refused to see me because I had not one but two prior surgeries for the injury. Dr. Raskin’s staff, after I explained my situation to the best of my ability to the extremely patient receptionist, I was scheduled for an appointment.

At this point, I felt completely hopeless; I could barely move my hand at all without substantial pain, which left me unable or barely able to do many things, and one of the doctors I had seen had suggested a wrist fusion, which would make my career as a programmer end before I had a solid start. Once I saw Ashley, one of his PAs, I started feeling better about my situation. When I met Dr. Raskin, he knew exactly what I was talking about and agreed that the doctor who did the previous surgeries wasn’t very good and joked around a bit, helping me feel a lot better.

He immediately sent me for an MRI, and when Dr. Raskin got the results, he spoke to me directly over the phone and told me that I’d need another surgery, and he wanted to do it ASAP. I had the surgery scheduled at Surgicare of Manhattan, and the team he had with him was also amazing. Before the surgery, they allowed my now-husband to come in with me (major jitters) and stay with me until I had to go into the OR, still joking around with us to alleviate my fears.

While my previous surgeries took an hour, Dr. Raskin took 3 hours, performing repairs on everything in my hand that needed work. When I came to from the surgery, Dr. Raskin was available and spoke to me when I woke up (Believe it or not, the other doctor who performed surgery LEFT without speaking to me.) and was SO EXCITED and HAPPY that he was able to perform the repairs I needed so badly and tell me that he thought that this would be the last surgery I needed. I went home with a big smile on my face, and had a mini-post-surgical party.

The next few visits, I went through a series of casts made by Dr. Raskin’s PA Gabi (who isn’t with the practice anymore, unfortunately!) and referred through to therapy. If I ever had a question, I could call and leave a message and within the day get an answer. My appointments were always kept, even if I messed up the time and came an hour late, which may or may not have happened… (thank you for your patience!)

Unfortunately, during the recovery process from my wrist reconstruction, we found out that I also was suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome. Dr. Raskin sent me to OT, and when the pain didn’t resolve, it was surgery time again in December of 2015. Surgery on a nerve is well nerve-wracking, and despite trouble with getting the IV started, Dr. Raskin and the SurgiCare staff were excellent. This time, no casts, but some OT for about a year and a half (I think!) before things got better. This was a very rough surgery to come out of the other side on, and the care I got from Dr. Raskin and his team was once again phenomenal.

Under Dr Raskin, my hand and elbow recovered beautifully. It’s absolutely amazing what he’s done for me. From his work, I was able to resume normal life — taking classes, playing video games with my son, get into a fast track program for my new career, an internship. Best of all, I finally graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity this spring.

It’s now 2021, nearly 9 years after my accident, and since Dr. Raskin performed his surgeries, I have full motion and strength back in my wrist and no pain in my wrist/elbow besides some arthritis when it rains. Dr. Raskin is truly amazing, and everyone who works there is wonderful. I cannot recommend him enough, especially if you feel like your case is a lost cause like I thought my case was. Thank you so much.