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Dr. Keith Raskin offers a wide variety of treatment options for trigger finger in NYC. This medical condition involves a finger getting stuck in a bent position as the motion of its tendon gets restricted. It then snaps back into a straight position. The restriction is caused due to the tendon sheath getting inflamed or due to the formation of a bump in this area.

This condition most commonly affects women. Other patients who are prone to it include arthritis and diabetes sufferers and people whose work puts a huge amount of strain on their hands.

The problem starts out as an annoyance that keeps a person from completing their tasks comfortably. However, if left untreated, the affected finger can become permanently stuck in its trigger position. If you’re experiencing this condition, swift treatment is highly recommended.

Treatments for Trigger Finger

During a consultation, Dr. Keith Raskin will examine your affected hand and will then recommend the optimal course of treatment. There are many non-surgical and surgical treatment options available for trigger finger.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Exercises: Dr. Raskin may suggest some exercises that relieve tension from the finger. This includes a mix of stretching and flexing movements to strengthen the finger and get it used to motion. Regular activity also keeps it from getting stuck in a single position for too long.

Massage: Massaging a trigger finger eases strain from its tendon. This process is extremely therapeutic and relaxes the muscles, reducing stress buildup.

Medical Devices: Some patients may need to wear a splint, which keeps the finger in a straight position for a longer period. For patients who cannot avoid the task that is causing the trigger finger, a glove with thick padding can also be worn.

Oral Medications: The consumption of medications like acetaminophen or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen can reduce inflammation. They can also reduce pain caused due to nodule or tendon constriction.

Steroid Injections: These are generally used when other non-surgical treatments do not prove to be effective. Steroid injections stimulate the hormones in a way that promotes tissue repair and reduction of inflammation. The injected agent gradually reduces the triggering over a period of time. Some cases might require more than one steroid injection to effectively reduce the symptoms of trigger finger.

Surgical Treatments

When non-surgical treatments are not enough to achieve the desired effect or Dr. Raskin believes that the finger is at risk of permanent stiffness, a surgical procedure may be recommended.

A surgery commonly known as trigger finger release can be performed. This is done by creating a small incision that opens a path for releasing the tendon. The stiff portion is then cut to make the tendon’s movement smoother.

Another procedure is known as percutaneous release. This option uses a needle to sever the constricted part of the tendon.

Dr Keith Raskin and Ashely came very highly recommended to me as he saved my sister’s life! I had a fall and broke the Hook of the Hamet, a small bone in the bottom of your hand. I also had a trigger finger on the same hand. Dr. Raskin was able to fix both issues at the same time through some very delicate surgery and one year later I am as good as new! The time and attention given to me in the office was fantastic, I never felt like I was being rushed out or that they had to rush to the next patient. They answered all of my questions and just did a great job all around. So happy I chose Dr Keith Raskin for my hand surgeon!
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Surgical Recovery

After the chosen surgery, the finger may take a few weeks to completely recover. During this period, it is important to ensure that the finger receives ample care.

Some patients can also opt to wear a splint for a few weeks. This keeps the finger well-protected and speeds up the recovery period.

After surgery, patients will notice their affected finger gradually recovering its former ease of motion.

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