Dupuytren’s Contracture is a condition involving abnormal thickening of the palmer fascia of the hand. It is a progressive disorder that causes gradual formation of nodules and cords in the palm and increasing flexor deformities of the digits. The condition generally begins as small lumps in the palmer hand, and slowly progresses to involve digit contractures. It becomes increasingly difficult and uncomfortable to straighten out the affected fingers.

The Needle Aponeurotomy procedure is a minimally invasive treatment performed in the office. Local injection of lidocaine is used to numb the affected area. Dr. Raskin then uses a small needle to sever the contracting bands, allowing the fingers to regain extension. A small bandage is placed on the hand for one day after surgery, then the patient is fit for a splint to be worn at night to provide the digits with a gentle stretch.

The Needle Aponeurotomy is a safe, minimally invasive, effective surgery performed by a very limited number of surgeons in the United States. Dr. Raskin’s patients have experienced extreme success from the procedure and consistently expressed satisfaction with the results.

Not all patients with Dupuytren’s Contracture are good candidates for the Needle Aponeurotomy procedure. Contact our office for more information and set up an appointment if you would like to be evaluated by Dr. Raskin to determine if your case would respond to this treatment. Further surgical options are available for those who are not candidates for the Needle Aponeurotomy. Dr. Raskin regularly performs these surgeries as well, and would be able to provide patient education at an office visit.

More information regarding the condition of Dupuytren’s Contracture as well as the Needle Aponeurotomy procedure can be obtained at the website of the Dupuytren Society, of which Dr. Raskin is an active member. The associated webpage is an extremely beneficial resource and contains detailed patient accounts of their experiences with this rewarding procedure as well as before and after pictures. Please click here to visit the website.

  • “After this needle aponeurotomy on both of my hands- with absolute glorious results- all I can say is if anyone needs this procedure I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Raskin who treats his patients so wonderfully, and has such expertise in this part of hand surgery. I now can wear my wedding ring again after three years where I couldn’t get it on my finger for my 51st anniversary. Thanks Dr. Raskin!”

    – E.B.
  • “The traditional surgery six years ago on my right hand took six doctor visits, fifteen physical therapy visits, and six months before recovery of full hand motion. Needle release on my left hand took two doctor visits, two weeks of self-administered physical therapy, and immediate (next day) full hand motion. Just amazing.”

    – R.M.
  • “It doesn’t make sense to live with Dupuytren’s Disease if you are a candidate for needle aponeurotomy. The procedure was even less invasive then I had envisioned. My recovery involved some therapy at home with putty a few times a day and wearing of a splint at night for a few weeks. I actually played golf 5 days after the procedure without any discomfort.”

    – R.C.
  • “I couldn’t be happier with the results of the needle aponeurotomy. Dr. Raskin was fabulous, recovery was quick and my hand is “like new.” It was terrific. Thanks.”

    – A.M.
  • “Excellent results and procedure. Dr. Raskin and his entire staff are very patient oriented, providing an efficient and positive atmosphere. Could not have done anything more- everything was first rate.”

    – E.T.
  • “Very successful. I highly, highly recommend the procedure! No real pain. Hand completely functional. No down time. Dr. Raskin is great.”

    – R.P.
  • “I have had one previous operation on each hand using open surgery and each took about 3 ½ hours under anesthesia. . . I have now had the needle procedure on different fingers on each hand and it is a spectacular improvement. Each procedure took 20 minutes with no pain. There was immediate recovery of 95% use in one and 100% in the other, no sutures, no sling, etc. Dr. Raskin is now one of my heroes. Halleluja!”

    – J.L.
  • “What a pleasure it was to be able to wear gloves in cold weather and no more crooked fingers. I had needle aponeurotomy first on my left hand and six months later on my right hand. I am very grateful to Dr. Keith Raskin.”

    – T.W.
  • “What a positive result I had from the needle aponeurotomy in both my hands. It was a wonderful experience with such a caring doctor to have such minimal discomfort post procedure.”

    – E.B.
  • “My hands had gotten so bad I hesitated offering my right hand for a handshake…Dr. Raskin is an expert, caring and personable doctor. I unequivocally recommend him. His staff could not be better.”

    – L.R.
  • “It was a relatively non invasive procedure that allowed me to avoid major hand surgery to correct my Dupuytren’s. I would definitely recommend it.”

    – M.S.

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