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Dr. Keith B. Raskin is a Board Certified Hand Surgeon and Clinical Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at New York University School of Medicine. With over twenty years of surgical experience, he has devoted his career to the diagnosis and treatment of upper extremity conditions.

Dr. Raskin practices in a private office specializing in hand, wrist, and elbow, focusing on a vast array of medical issues, including acute fractures, athletic injuries, tumors, vascular conditions, and chronic problems.  The demographics of patients under his care are expansive, ranging from infants with congenital issues to degenerative problems in the elderly population.

Dr. Raskin has pioneered surgical advancements and is responsible for significant contributions to orthopaedic surgery.  He has produced countless publications and performed innumerable presentations at medical schools, healthcare facilities, and the meetings of national medical organizations.  The educational and informative services he has provided allow him to positively influence the care of patients far beyond those he can see in his office.  Not only did he assist with the design of a surgical fixation device often used in the repair of a very common wrist fracture, he has added the Dupuytren's Needle Aponeurotomy to his extensive practice.  This office based procedure was developed in Europe and is still rarely performed by physicians in the United States. By spending time to learn and perfect this minimally invasive but highly successful surgery, Dr. Raskin has provided accessibility to the population for a service that is extremely rare in this country. 


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