I saw Dr. Raskin after seeing a different hand surgeon, who, after many months and multiple cortisone shots, told me that there was nothing else he could do for the pain and loss of strength in my dominant hand and wrist. Dr. Raskin started conservatively with a cortisone shot. Unlike all the other shots I have had on various parts of my body, Dr. Raskin utilized an ultrasound to pinpoint the injection exactly into the joint. Unfortunately, the shot did not provide long-term relief. Dr. Raskin suggested surgery, which I agreed to. When I awoke, Dr. Raskin explained to me that he repaired a tendon and expected a full recovery with reinstated use of my hand. As he predicted, so it was. At this point, I have full use and strength in my hand and wrist, and never, ever feel discomfort or weakness. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Raskin. He cares about his patients and is the best of the best. I wouldn’t ever think of seeing anyone else.