My experience as a patient with Dr Keith Raskin, and Ashley Madsen, PA has been one of the most positive and successful medical treatments of my life. I unfortunately have had two surgical procedures and broken bones which required a very experienced and sensitive physician such as Dr Raskin and his team. Sometimes I feel like “Humpty Dumpy” but Dr Raskin always gets me back together and utilizing my hands again. Did I mention, I am a jewelry designer, and I would only trust the hands of Dr Keith Raskin and his staff. Many procedures require wearing a cast, and Ashley Madsen, is a true artist. Together we created fabulous “hand accessories” while I was recuperating. Several injuries will require working with an OT. Dr. Raskin has brought the best hand therapist into his practice to make the healing as “painless and comfortable” as possible. Being a patient of this practice will bring you new friends as well.