You will not find a better hand surgeon than Keith Raskin. Let me say that again. You will not find a better hand surgeon than Keith Raskin.

He is not only extremely talented, but he is a stand-up man with a gentle, funny, empathetic bedside manner that is rare with doctors and surgeons.

I came to see Dr. Raskin over two years ago when I injured my finger and had a previous surgeon mangle my finger in several surgeries to fix two tendons.

As you may know, surgeons, generally speaking, do not like to operate on other surgeons’ work, but Dr. Raskin looked me over and proposed a surgery unlike anything I had ever heard. (Let’s just say it involved a button.) He was able to repair my finger, and I returned to him for a follow-up scar removal surgery. His track record for successful surgeries is spotless.

Dr. Raskin is amazing. His walls are covered with photos of people he’s been able to help; he is also very modest about it, but I know he’s treated celebrities and professional athletes.

I always say I wish I had gone to see Dr. Raskin first. He came highly recommended to me by a friend whose son was operated on by him. Most people find him through recommendations.

His assistants, Gabi and Ashley, are lovely and are there with you all the way, from the office to the operating room. They call to check on you after surgery and are always available.

I love Dr. Raskin! How many patients can say that about their surgeons?